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About Green EvoluciĆ³n

What Are We Offering?

We offer to build a luxury home, extension or retrofit your existing home that is designed to be naturally cool during the summer and warm in the winter and to save CO/2 emissions and running costs, which will provide a healthy live in space and with class and style inside and out. We design and build your luxury home with a high-level architectural design and construction that exceeds the standards of Building Control in terms of insulation, energy efficiency, stability and durability.

Climate and Low Carbon Construction

Reduction in carbon emissions is a prime factor in our aspirations to build your dream home, and one way to achieve this is to build at or near the Passivehaus House Standard. This is a German standard of construction that is becoming very popular and is equally applicable to Northern and Southern European. View our gallery

Passivhaus Houses

What Is a Passivhaus House?

A Passivhaus House makes use of bioclimatic architecture, but combines it with unmatched energy efficiency, and air tightness.

Insulation levels in the walls, floor and roof are extremely high, reducing the heating needs in winter and solar gain in summer.

Opening windows are double glazed in Southern Europe in lieu of the triple glazing used in Passivehaus Houses in Northern Europe.

This keeps heat contained where it should be, controlling solar gain and reducing heat loss. The insulation of these homes is absolute, and the renewal of air is through a ventilation system with heat exchanger, which renews the air preventing the escape of heat with it. Through this system heat is available in winter and air cooling in summer.

There will be solar cells on the roof either using PVs or hot water technology.

The combination of Passivehaus measures and the technical criteria of the standard make it possible to meet the so-called “mandatory criteria” of the same:

The reduction in heating energy consumption leads to a significant change in the building’s energy balance, which in a traditional building is unthinkable.

In summary,

A Passivehaus will possess exceptionally high levels of insulation in the walls, the floors and the roof, be air tight with very high performance windows triple glazed in northern Europe, single glazed in southern Europe and heat recovery mechanical ventilating systems will combine together to make a low running coast, well heated and cooled, environment in which to live. This is definitely possible in new build and becoming possible for retrofit. You will live for a fraction of the annual energy costs a normal traditional house uses. (subject to individual case assessment). Contact us

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We also offer...

We also offer to design and build Passivehaus holiday lodges, granny annex, studio and office within your garden, as these can classed as temporary and in certain situations there is no need for planning. Contact us

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Advanced window technology. High performance triple glazing or double glazing in Southern Europe Airtight building shell reducing annual energy costs Very high levels of insulation. Reducing the heating needs in winter and solar gain in summer Solar cells on the roof either using PVs or hot water technology Airtightness whilst keeping house well ventilated providing a well heated and cooled, environment in which to live