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Welcome to Green Evolución

Who Are We?

The climate, we are all told, is changing. This is Global Warming which is aggravated by carbon emissions from us human beings in our daily lives.

Because of this climate change, the UK and EU government agreed to cut CO/2 emissions by 80% by 2050, and there is now therefore a need for a technological breakthrough in the construction of all new buildings.

95% of all existing domestic and commercial buildings will require future updating to reduce their CO/2 emissions and the New Government backed Green Deal which was agreed October 2011, will contribute greatly to this.

To help meet these demands for new and existing properties, we have created our company ‘Green Evolucion’ – which is a new Construction company, consisting of engineers and architects with long experience in building houses and general Building works with low energy consumption.

Our aim is to offer customers a modern house or retrofit your existing home with low energy consumption. About our building services

Passive House

What is a Passivehaus House?

A Passivehaus House makes use of bioclimatic architecture, but combines it with unmatched energy efficiency, and air tightness. Insulation levels in the walls, floor and roof are extremely high, reducing the heating needs in winter and solar gain in summer. Read more